One Nimble Solution

WageSafe automates payroll compliance, delivering a whole extra layer of assurance to your payroll accuracy, whilst also providing intelligence to help you predict underpayments.


Data Audit

Monitor your entire network in real-time. If under- or overpayments occur in your network, you know about it instantly and can act fast.


Remove the reliance on your Time & Attendance system’s interpretation of the award, which often isn’t set up correctly and small errors can mean big back payments.


Ensure that award interpretation is not only compliant but also helps you achieve your business objectives by utilising award flexibilities where they exist.


Our people have been able to successfully check tens of thousands of employees’ pay, ensuring reliability of our systems and calculations. 

employees' pay have been checked by our people


Interpreting large amounts of payroll data isn’t a problem for WageSafe. In fact it is what WageSafe is designed to do.  Our people have already checked hundreds millions in total payroll.

in total payroll checked by our people

Your low cost, low risk solution.

WageSafe automates payroll compliance, delivering a whole extra layer of assurance to your payroll accuracy.

Risk Mitigation

If you suspect that your network could be recording time and paying people incorrectly without you knowing it could leave you exposed to legal action, sanctions and reputational damage. WageSafe eliminates that risk!


WageSafe is the right solution for you if you don’t know if there is an ongoing underpayment problem that you are not aware of as it is difficult and expensive for you to audit the whole network consistently.

Your Costs

Manually auditing the whole network each year is expensive and will impact your profitability! WageSafe is cost-effective and even helps you reduce your wage costs.

How it works

The system integrates discrete elements of your payroll process containing data critical to award interpretation, such as payroll, time & attendance, POS and HRIS data.

It then uses this data to continuously review the award logic to calculate audited payroll versus actual results.

By combining operational analytics with traditional rostering and payroll data,
WageSafe utilises AI that predicts potential underpayments, whilst also providing many user-friendly features in one simple and intuitive dashboard.

Payroll Monitoring

WageSafe automates the interpretation of the award and calculates what should have been paid and then compares this to the actual payments.

Award Interpretation

We utilise thousands of manual calculations of award payments done by our team, and converted these into algorithms that automate correct interpretation.

Real-time Analytics

Automation of the comparison of what should have been paid and what has been paid allows us to provide analytics that illustrate gaps.

Self-Service Dashboards

Easy to understand and intuitive to use.The dashboards allow drill down into meaningful discrete business units for your market- and field managers.


“We have integrated a new time and attendance system into our network and knew that WageSafe would provide weekly checks of our system to ensure we are paying our workforce correctly. To have internal resources performing these checks manually would be a big cost, so we can save money and time via WageSafe.” 

– Brian Finch, Chief Operations Officer, Coffee Club