We are on a mission to help Australian organisations solve wage underpayments

Want to know about the most common errors we’ve seen in payroll audits in the past year? Download the report today!

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A low cost, low risk solution

We understand labour law is complex and compliance is a must, we know no one wants to get it wrong. Getting WageSafe accreditation will help move your business towards zero tolerance.

Do you know if you delivered the right pay today?

WageSafe is changing the game, with a revolutionary product that allows business owners, managers and or payroll/HR teams to audit the process in real-time.  


“We have integrated a new time and attendance system into our network and knew that WageSafe would provide weekly checks of our system to ensure we are paying our workforce correctly. To have internal resources performing these checks manually would be a big cost, so we can save money and time via WageSafe.” 

– General Manager, Coffee Franchise


WageSafe integrates with time and attendance data sources and payroll processing platforms via API’s or if required can automate the process of uploading files. 


Expert award understanding and thousands of past calculations, has allowed us to convert this into algorithms that automate correct interpretation.


Automation of the comparison of what should have been paid and what has been paid allows us to provide real time understanding. 


Easy to understand and intuitive, the dashboard allows you to drill-down into meaningful discrete business units and employees to remediate at the source of the issue.

Reliable Platform

Our people have been able to successfully check tens of thousands of employees’ pay, ensuring reliability of our systems and calculations. 

employees' pay have been checked by our people

Scalable Software

Interpreting large amounts of payroll data isn’t a problem for WageSafe. In fact it is what WageSafe is designed to do.  Our people have already checked hundreds millions in total payroll.

AUD of total payroll checked by our people