Robust Governance

WageSafe gives you real-time oversight so underpayments don’t accumulate without you knowing about them. If you would like to understand more, see a demo of the product or request a call back, hit the button below and complete the form.

Proactive Advantage

A proactive advantage is gained by integrating operational analytics with traditional rostering and payroll data. The WageSafe product sets benchmarks across multiple operational data points providing earlier identification of behaviours that are driving underpayments.

WageSafe has built an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based insight system, using multiple data sources to identify potential issues e.g. “this wage cost percentage is too good to be true when analysed against staffing mix, age profile, management hours, opening hours, product mix, productivity, store size, etc”.

Provide your field team with actionable insights, with data tools and knowledge to identify stores with potential underpayment issues or poor rostering practices.


Reduce cost with automation
WageSafe automates pay audits, ensuring every employee paycheque meets award conditions and requirements. WageSafe combines expert award interpretation with expert analytics, to deliver the most cost-effective solution to your underpayments risk. This means time & cost savings for:

  • Your CFO / Finance team – via reduced breaches
  • The Payroll team – with reduced manual processes
  • Your HR team – through automated compliance monitoring

Audit every pay cheque across every payroll cycle today and reduce your risk of underpayments.

Reduced Risk

If you suspect that your network could be recording time and paying people incorrectly without you knowing it could leave you exposed to legal action, sanctions and reputational damage. WageSafe eliminates that risk!

Increased Visibility

WageSafe is the right solution for you if you don’t know if there is an ongoing underpayment problem that you are not aware of as it is difficult and expensive for you to audit the whole network consistently.

Lower Costs

Manually auditing the whole network each year is expensive and will impact your profitability! WageSafe is cost-effective and even helps you reduce your wage costs.


We implemented an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System to continually improve our information security posture.


WageSafe integrates data for each employee, providing a full history of employment, ready for interpretation.


The System interprets the award rules, carefully applying logic to the specific conditions created by the employees’ time and attendance history..


We utilise a balanced scorecard approach to employment compliance, incorporating industry or user-defined benchmarks.


Our award interpretation engine has been tested against thousands of customer files to establish unsurpassed accuracy & speed of delivery.

Real-time Data Audit

Monitor your entire network in real-time. If under- or overpayments occur in your network, you know about it instantly and can act fast to avoid legal action or reputational damage.

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Constant Control

Remove the reliance on your Time & Attendance system’s interpretation of the award, which often isn’t set up correctly and small errors can mean big back payments.

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Bespoke Alignment

Ensure that award interpretation is not only compliant but also helps you achieve your business objectives by utilising award flexibilities where they exist.

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