The Crisis Inside Payroll Departments

Interesting commentary in the Financial Review today on the Australian Payroll Associations recent survey of payroll professionals. The survey results indicate a workforce struggling to manage workloads and with underpayments remaining a key focus for the Government and a sharp toothed regulator, this may lead to a perfect storm for Australian organisations. WageSafe automates real time payroll compliance and removes the need for manual audits and costly retrospective remediation of underpayments.

May 9, 2023

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  • In a recent development, Baker’s Delight, a well-known bakery franchise, is facing legal action initiated by the workplace watchdog for its alleged failure to prevent a franchisee from underpaying workers. The Fair Work Ombudsman has filed a case in the Federal Court, accusing Baker’s Delight of being aware of the franchisee’s underpayments but failing to […]

  • The Financial Review highlights the key issue of underpayments in a large retailer. Chemist Warehouse is facing a $10 million backpay bill after the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association (SDA) took legal action against four of its South Australian franchisees for allegedly underpaying nine staff while working higher duties. The union identifies that the […]