Fast Food Franchise Case Study

Enhancing a Fast Food Franchise’s Wage Compliance – Our Role in Implementing WageSafe for an 80% Reduction in Administrative Costs




A leading fast food franchise embarked on a significant project to upgrade its timekeeping and human resource management systems across its array of corporate and franchisee-operated stores. The main objective of this new system was to streamline wage compliance for the store operators, introducing a real-time and transparent rostering system.


Central to achieving this aim was the incorporation of WageSafe into the franchise’s company-owned stores. WageSafe was instrumental in providing store operators with the assurance that wages paid were compliant with award wage rules. This system conducted weekly audits of every employee, every pay cycle working to seamlessly identify any instances of under or overpayments in relation to the award interpretations, system configurations and human errors.


The implementation of WageSafe meant that resources previously allocated for ongoing administrative checks of the weekly payroll could now be redirected towards enhancing rostering processes, aiming for labour savings. This move not only streamlined operational processes but also bolstered the franchise’s commitment to fair and compliant wage practices.

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Initial Comparison with Manual Process:
We provide assurance by providing automated results cross-checked against historical manual audits.

Payroll Team Input:
Leveraging the WageSafe store results, we reduce administration input and time typically spent in analysis and review.

Insights into Rostering Habits:
By pinpointing areas where interpretation of the award is complex, WageSafe identifies the potential root cause of variance at the store level.

Future Consideration

Wage Optimisation Prior to Payroll:
By providing a better insight into rostering habits, WageSafe could be helping by reducing wage costs.

Operational Insight:
By integrating POS data, WageSafe will use predictive analysis to provide stores with early identification of potential issues.



estimated reduction in administration time allocated to review payroll



increase in the number of stores continuously audited



  • For the CFO / Finance team – via reduced or eliminated breaches
  • For the Payroll team – with reduced manual processes
  • For the HR team – through automated monitoring


To audit every pay cheque across every payroll cycle, and have complete confidence and assurance in payroll, brands need access to cost effective automation which can be tested (and retested).
Interpretation of the applicable Award is also crucial, giving the Operations team and CFO confidence that payroll is meeting compliance obligations.

WageSafe has combined these elements to help retail brands reduce compliance costs with assurance wages are correct… every time.

Reliable Risk Mitigation

If you suspect that your network could be recording time and paying people incorrectly without you knowing it could leave you exposed to legal action, sanctions and reputational damage. WageSafe eliminates that risk!

Increase Visibility

WageSafe is the right solution for you if you don’t know if there is an ongoing underpayment problem that you are not aware of as it is difficult and expensive for you to audit the whole network consistently.

Reduce Your Costs

Manually auditing the whole network each year is expensive and will impact your profitability! WageSafe is cost-effective and even helps you reduce your wage costs.