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Reduced Risk

If you suspect that your network could be recording time and paying people incorrectly without you knowing it could leave you exposed to legal action, sanctions and reputational damage. WageSafe eliminates that risk!

Increased Visibility

WageSafe is the right solution for you if you don’t know if there is an ongoing underpayment problem that you are not aware of as it is difficult and expensive for you to audit the whole network consistently.

Lower Costs

Manually auditing the whole network each year is expensive and will impact your profitability! WageSafe is cost-effective and even helps you reduce your wage costs.

What is WageSafe….

WageSafe automates payroll compliance, delivering a whole extra layer of assurance to your payroll accuracy.

The system integrates discrete elements of your payroll process containing data critical to award interpretation, such as payroll, time & attendance, POS and HRIS data.

It then uses this data to continuously review the award logic to calculate audited payroll versus actual results.

By combining operational analytics with traditional rostering and payroll data,
WageSafe utilises AI that predicts potential underpayments

…and how does it help your business?


Real-time data audit

of your whole network. If under- or overpayments occur in your network, you know about it instantly. Avoid undetected underpayments!


Constant control

over payroll compliance. Eliminate all guesswork and subsequent human errors. Remove reliance on the Time & Attendance system’s interpretation of the award, which often isn’t set up correctly!


Bespoke alignment

to your business. Ensure that award interpretation is not only compliant but also helps you achieve your business objectives!


Improved affordability

compared to traditional payroll audits. Easily integrate economically sound and continuous compliance monitoring solutions
into your annual budget!

Wage Safe Features

Payroll Monitoring

WageSafe automates the interpretation of the award and calculates what should have been paid and then compares this to the actual payments.

Award Interpretation

We utilise thousands of manual calculations of award payments done by our team, and converted these into algorithms that automate correct interpretation.

Real-time Analytics

Automation of the comparison of what should have been paid and what has been paid allows us to provide analytics that illustrate gaps.

Self-Service Dashboards

Easy to understand and intuitive to use.The dashboards allow drill down into meaningful discrete business units for your market- and field managers.

Helpful Benchmarking

Results for key payroll metrics across your network are aggregated so you can understand what the average and top performers are able to achieve.

Risk Area Identification

By linking employment data to other key indicators such as sales, we can help you identify high-risk areas where labour costs are “too good to be true”.

Tailored Notification

You will be able to specify if you would like to be notified when certain results, such as a store’s underpayment magnitude, are triggered.

Visualised Risk Scoring

WageSafe provides an in-built measure of risk using a combination of the % of underpayments combined with benchmarks and point of sale metrics.

Traffic Light System and Dashboard

Traffic Light System

WageSafe provides you with results for both underpayments and overpayments, and cross references operational results to categorise which stores require help or other action:

Action/Audit (red)
Watch (amber)
Leader/Benchmark (green)

Risk Rating

Quickly identify potential risks, based on predictive analysis.

Employment Intelligence

Balanced scorecard approach to compliance provides context to overall performance.

About WageSafe

WageSafe is a collaboration between two highly respected payroll compliance specialists. ER Strategies brings 20+ years of proactive protection and employment compliance support, and Resurg Group brings 20+ years of technical delivery of operational analytics.

With more than 20 years of experience, ER Strategies is not only the official Employment Compliance Partner of the Franchise Council of Australia, but also the cornerstone of ER/IR support and payroll auditing used by many reputable brands across the franchise sector and outside of it.

Resurge was established in 2004 to provide franchise benchmarking. Today, Resurg has a team of 18 data experts to help franchise and multi-location brands in Australia, New Zealand and the USA take control of their franchise operational data, so they can produce richer business insights – faster.


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