About WageSafe

WageSafe is a collaboration between two highly respected payroll compliance specialists. ER Strategies brings 20+ years of proactive protection and employment compliance support, and Resurg Group brings 20+ years of technical delivery of operational analytics.

The Current Environment

Employers are currently experiencing intense scrutiny of their payroll and wage compliance, to ensure that they have not been underpaying wages and workers’ entitlements. Often non-compliance is caused by error, by the complexity of industrial instruments, or the limitations of legacy payroll and time and attendance systems.


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WageSafe sees an inherent limitation in the ability of stand-alone systems that use different time-based measurements – rosters, time and attendance systems, and payroll – to align with the complexities of wage rules.

Employers face compliance issues because of the incorrect or incomplete configuration of one or more of their components in their payroll systems to meet continually enhanced industrial relations requirements.

Even small issues in payroll, or in time/attendance recording, when extrapolated over a large workforce over many years, are adding up to significant financial and legal exposures.

The WageSafe technology platform was built to satisfy our clients demand for real-time analysis of underpayments. With many years of hands-on interpretation and delivery of payroll compliance we understood the high time-cost of manual audits and the frustration of uncovering underpayments too far after the fact.

Our award interpretation engine has been built and tested on thousands of customer files, to establish a level of unsurpassed accuracy and speed of delivery.

Our Experience - Your Advantage

With more than 20 years of experience, ER Strategies is not only the official Employment Compliance Partner of the Franchise Council of Australia but also the cornerstone of ER/IR support and payroll auditing used by many reputable brands across the franchise sector and outside of it.

Our Expertise - Your Insight

Resurg was established in 2004 to provide franchise benchmarking. Today, Resurg helps franchise and multi-location brands in Australia, New Zealand and the USA take control of their franchise operational data, so they can produce richer business insights – faster.

Explore how it works

Every pay period, the WageSafe award interpreter applies logic to each employee’s time and attendance records to enable a real-time comparison of ‘actual’ payroll versus ‘audited’ payroll results.

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Learn more about WageSafe

WageSafe is the right solution for you if you don’t know if there is an ongoing underpayment problem that you are not aware of as it is difficult and expensive for you to audit the whole network consistently.

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Discover a real-life scenario

A franchise launched a major project to implement a new time and attendance and HR management system for their network of stores. Discover how they will reduce compliance admin costs by 80%.

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